About Us


Who We Are

Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club is composed of both sail and motor boat owners interested in boating. Our reciprocal home port is The Port Orchard Marina.  Our membership comes from throughout the Puget Sound area and beyond.

We are a small yacht club and we're able to keep our membership dues low because we have no clubhouse or marina to maintain.  We have regular member cruises throughout the boating season and the community favorite, Christmas Lane, our Decorated Boat Contest, in December.  We have many reciprocals throughout the Salish Sea and beyond. 

Our Purpose

The SIYC Bylaws state our purpose as: "Through education and exchange of information, by lending assistance to one another, the Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club dedicates itself to safe, proper and enjoyable boating." 

We hope to accomplish this by sharing our devotion to safe boating practices, fostering strong seamanship and navigation skills through education, maintaining a varied and enjoyable list of reciprocals throughout the Salish Sea region and beyond and by being of service to the Port Orchard/Sinclair Inlet community.


Commodore - Rhonda Jungquist

Vice Commodore - Scott Jungquist

Rear Commodore - Richard Tossey

Treasurer - Jaime Boley Mitchell

Secretary - Open


Bill Barton (Founding Member and fondly dubbed 'The Emperor")


Some History of Our Origins

Christmas Lane 2019 - A calm Friday before the Saturday festivities began!

Our Organization

The Port Orchard Marina was built in 1974.  The Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club was founded the same year with the Port Orchard Marina as our home port.  SIYC's first organizational meeting was held on September 25, 1974. In the three meetings that followed, our name was chosen, the by-laws were written, and officers were elected. It was determined at that time that those who attended all three organizational meetings would be considered Charter Members.   Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club was chartered as a non-profit organization in March, 1975. The first officers were:  

Founding Officers

Commodore................... Ted Cobb 

Vice Comodore.............. Omar Neshem 

Rear Commodore........ James Lambion 

Secretary........................ Loa Cobb 

Treasurer....................... Dianne Engebretson 

Trustees......................... Bill Barton*, Ron James, Bruce Garman, Jack Minger 

* Bill Barton is still an active member of SIYC and is admiringly called “The Emperor!”

Our First Community Function

Our first club function was Christmas Lane, a display of decorated boats moored at the Port Orchard Marina breakwater on December 21 and 22, 1974. This display, which is open to the public, has been held every year since. In 2000, the City of Port Orchard began it's Festival of Chimes and Lights (in celebration of it's new City Hall Clock Tower) and asked SIYC to move the date of our event to be include as part of the town's celebration.  All yacht clubs and individual boaters are invited to participate as SIYC hosts you for this event each year.  The community loves voting for their favorite decorated boats.  December 2019 was our 45th year hosting this wonderful event!

SIYC's 2020 Cruising Schedule


March Shakedown and SIYC Planning Cruise - Brownsville, WA - March 6 - 7

We will spend half of our time discussing everyone's projects and how their shakedown cruises went.  The other half of the time will be spent planning the South Sound and San Juan Island's Cruises so that all members who are expecting to join these will be able to get what they are hoping for out of these cruises. 

April Foul Weather Cruise - Blake Island - April 3 - 5

Get your Foul Weather gear out!  We will be expecting April Showers as we head to Blake Island for a rustic weekend at a favorite local destination among club members!

Blake Island - In the heart of everything, but an hour and a half and a million miles away from everything!

May Quartermaster Harbor - May 1 - 3

We will celebrate Cinco de Mayo a couple of days early in Quartermaster Harbor

June South Sound Cruise - June 5 - 7

Specific location is currently up for discussion.  We currently have it listed as Penrose Point State Park, Lakebay, WA

3rd & 4th of July Celebration

A raft up in Liberty Bay on the 3rd and our traditional 4th of July BBQ, fun and games will be held at the Port Orchard Marina on the 4th of July, 2020. 

August San Juan Islands Cruise - July 31 - August 9

Specific locations we will be visiting in the islands this summer will be determined by all members intending to join this cruise in the up coming months! 

September Labor Day Cruise - September 4 - 7 - Bainbridge Island

We will spend the long weekend exploring Bainbridge Island and Eagle Harbor. 

Sinclair Inlet Yacht Club